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2021 Keynote Speakers

Connect with Rachael on Twitter at @RachaelEdu or visit her website, to learn more about her work.

Rachael Mann

Rachael Mann is a Keynote Speaker, EduFuturist, and Author and holds an MA in Educational Leadership. She speaks and writes about communicating confidently in a world of disruptive technology and the importance of rethinking the learning and earning spaces of today. Her experience in this field includes her work as the Network to Transform Teaching State Director, the Professional Learning Director of STEM, and the Arizona State Director for Educators Rising. Hailing from a family of educators, Mann also has 14 years of classroom teaching experience as a Career and Technical Education instructor and is a Google Certified Educator. From professional growth to motivational talks and workshops, Rachael will help inspire and move audiences to think bigger.

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Connect with Todd on Twitter at @ToddScholl or visit his website, to learn more about his work.

Todd Scholl

Todd spent over 25 years in public education. He has taught everything from pre-k to seniors in high school. 

He is the son of two public educators and believes firmly that public schools are an essential component of a healthy democracy.


After spending over fifteen years in the classroom, Todd joined the Senior Staff at CERRA (Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention, and Advancement). 


He has been doing part-time consulting work for a variety of clients including: The Center for Teaching Quality, Bamberg Two Schools, Cherokee County Schools, Marion County Schools, Jasper County Schools, The SCEA, Florence Four Schools, Barnwell 19 Schools, CERRA, Inclusive Leadership Academy, Edgefield Schools, SEL4SC, The Virginia Association for Teacher of Family and Consumer Sciences, Mergon Corporation, and more.  


He has facilitated professional development all across South Carolina, led mindfulness sessions and retreats for teachers, lawyers, car dealers, and even wedding planners. He has helped school districts through the rebranding process.


After retiring from the state of South Carolina, he is now collaborating with schools and districts, helping them solve problems and meet the challenges they face.

Connect with Sanée on Twitter at @SaneeBell or visit her website, to learn more about her work.

Dr. Sanée Bell

Dr. Sanée Bell is a middle school principal in Texas. She has served as an administrator since 2005 at both the elementary and secondary levels. Sanée was recognized as the 2015 Katy ISD Elementary Principal of the Year. Prior to becoming an administrator, Sanée taught middle school and high school English and also coached girls basketball. She earned her doctorate degree in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Houston Clear Lake.
Sanée is passionate about authentic, purposeful learning for students and teachers, and also has a strong passion for leadership and its impact on teacher engagement, student learning, and school culture. Sanée recognizes her impact as a leader and uses her role to inspire, motivate, and empower others. Sanée serves as a Future Ready Thought Partner on the Future Ready Schools project and has contributed to several publications and podcasts focused on leadership and its impact on students and teachers. Sanée is co-author and co-editor of the Education Write Now Series, and she is featured in the book Dare to Lead authored by Brené Brown. Sanée is the author of Be Excellent on Purpose: Intentional Strategies for Impactful Leadership.

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